Miracle Strip at Pier Park

“Miracle Strip Amusement Park” opened in 1963, then closed 41 years later in 2004. However, there is a catch. The catch is another park opened up under the same name. “Miracle Strip at Pier Park” opened its doors in 2010, but then subsequently closed in 2015. I didn’t know this until I researched the original and found out that I had actually been at the new “Miracle Strip” park. Even though this newly abandoned park wasn’t on my list, I was more than happy to see it. This was my first abandoned amusement park, but it won’t be my last.


The owners, Miracle Strip Carousel, LLC moved the carousel from “Miracle Strip Amusement Park” to “Miracle Strip at Pier Park” (NOTE: Miracle Strip Carousel, LLC owned both parks). This began the start of resurrecting the “Miracle Strip” name.  The other few rides left on the other property were purchased and moved as well.


I wish I could provide more information on this park but it doesn’t have much history behind it unlike its original ancestor, “Miracle Strip Amusement Park.” However, it is easy to assume that many families and friends enjoyed this amusement park while it was open. My first visit to an abandoned piece of America was a visit well made.